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Your guest bathroom desperately needs a face lift, but you don’t have the cash, time, or energy for a full remodel. And . . . maybe you’ve already tried to brighten it by painting the walls, adding a plant, a new mirror, some different lighting, or a piece of art. You even painted the space and re-faced the existing cabinetry. But the room continues to have that old, tired, dated feeling. Take heart. There may be another option. Replacing the old vanity with one that practically screams “new” and “fresh” and “stylish” might be the perfect solution. You can then create the drama you want around the new vanity. There are dozens of styles of vanities from which to choose. Many feature interesting countertop and sink treatments as well. Remember, once you have your vanity installed, you can also change out door knobs, faucets, showerheads, drawer pulls, and towel bars. The best news is that your new vanity won’t have to cost you as much as an AIG bonus. For a few to several hundred dollars, you can find new vanities in your local home improvement centers and kitchen and bath stores. Just make sure that the new one is the same size as the old. Switching them is a fairly straightforward process.

1. Turn off the main water valve
2. Remove the faucets
3. Disconnect the plumbing
4. Pry the old vanity from the wall if it is anchored in place
5. Clean the space, mop up any residual water
6. Install the new vanity
7. Reconnect the plumbing
8. Make sure the faucets are properly seated
9. Tighten down everything
10. Turn the water back on To see some elegant vanities, ranging from classic Old World to more contemporary styles, visit your local Galeria Home.

Owner George Michel says that the vanities in his stores are constructed of genuine wood and the pricing is highly competitive because he is able to buy direct from overseas. He established his first Galeria Home in Hialeah and the store is still there at 415 West 49th Street. If you live in south Florida, you are sure to find a Galeria Home near you as the stores are now in ten different cities, including the newest one in Coral Springs.

Article : How to update a tired, old bathroom with a quick vanity switch | Written by Meera Lester | For : www.examiner.com | Miami Home Improvement Examiner

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