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For quality bathroom vanities Miami residents need to look no further than the modern and chic selections from the Galeria Home Store.

At Galeria, we know that Miami homeowners have unique needs and expectations of their bath decor, and that includes bathroom cabinets and vanities. Consider the following styles for a cabinet with plenty of storage, optimal counter space, and one-of-a-kind Miami flair:

Bathroom Vanities With Art Deco Influences

Art Deco architecture and fixtures are very much emblematic of the rich culture in Miami. The Art Deco style originated in France in the 1920s and 1930s. Eventually, the vibrant oranges, greens, and yellows, fauna and floral motifs, metallic accents, terrazzo floors, and crazy geometric shapes made their way to Miami, where they have been in vogue ever since. Our wide selection of reflective mirrored vanities with beveled veneer and metallic silver trim intertwine contemporary classic with art deco style. 

Celebrate Miami's culture with an Art Deco-inspired bathroom. Pair vibrantly colored cabinets with striking fauna linens. Complement clean lines, transitional bathroom vanities or bathroom cabinets displaying bold geometric patterns with terrazzo tile floor. Terrazzo floors that blend perfectly with our built in counter-tops that include Italian carrara marble, quartz, granite, and more -- to give your bathroom a speckled finish.

Soft, Neutral Palettes

For an entirely different look, consider a soft, neutral palette. White, off-white, cream, beige, and light earth tones are versatile. Neutral bathroom cabinets are easy to match with appliances, linens, and accents, and they create a spacious and open feel.

Cream or white-colored cabinets look fittingly coastal.  A large variety of cottage style bathroom cabinets for any casual relax decor. Drive home the theme by purchasing tropical or nautical accents for your bathroom.

Open, Airy Bathrooms

Another way to foster a coastal atmosphere is to bring the outdoors in. Make your bathroom feel like an extension of the outdoors with light-colored bathroom cabinets, like soft blue, sea green, pale gray, navy blue, aquamarine, or teal cabinets.

Choose materials and/or designs that you expect to find in a seaside cottage or out on the patio. Furnish bathrooms with wicker cabinets, cabinets with faux wood finishes, vanities with shutter cabinet doors, or chic, open cabinets.

Open cabinets give the illusion of more space. For additional storage or to conceal personal belongings, add baskets or faux wicker storage bins on open shelves.

Complete the look with a large mirror or several mirrors to reflect natural light.
In 2018, average homeowners spent between $5,000 and $10,000 improving the aesthetics of their home. Fit your bathroom with new, stylish vanities or cabinets inspired by the city we all know and love.


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