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4 Tips for Buying Bathroom Cabinets From a Bathroom Vanity Shop

4 Tips for Buying Bathroom Cabinets From a Bathroom Vanity Shop

There are many styles of bathroom vanities that you can use to customize your bathroom and give it a classy touch. Your bathroom is one of the most important and private spaces in your house. Therefore, you need to invest in bathroom vanities that reflect your style, make you more comfortable, and add more utility to your bathroom.

The following tips will help you select the best bathroom cabinets from the top bathroom vanity shops.

1. Consider the Size of Your Bathroom Vanity in Relation to Your Bathroom Space

The bathroom is one of the smaller spaces in a house, and it's estimated that 14.8% of bathrooms are compact in size. For this reason, you have to select the right size of cabinets and vanities that will perfectly fit in your bathroom space. Ideally, your bathroom furniture should free up space in your bathroom by providing enough storage space for all your toiletries, cleaning products, and other bathroom supplies. This gives you enough room for your grooming and cleaning activities. You don't want to buy large bathroom cabinets that fill up your bathroom, as this will hinder your comfortability. Luckily, bathroom vanity shops have many sizes of vanities. You can choose single vanities as small as 20" to 29" to double vanities as big as 50" to 82". Pick the vanities that complement your bathroom's space rather than ones that further compact the space.

2. Will You Be Sharing Your Bathroom Cabinets?

You should also consider who will be using the bathroom vanities. If you share your bathroom with your fiancé, you may opt for vanities with double sinks. This will make it easier for you to clean up simultaneously when you are both in a hurry. Additionally, you may consider mirrored bathroom vanities for easier grooming and cleaning. Double vanities are ideal for a couple since they provide enough counter and storage space for their bathroom supplies. For guest bathrooms, you may install single vanities since there's less need for counter and storage space.

3. Consider the Plumbing of Your Bathroom

You should consider talking to your plumber before you purchase your bathroom cabinets from a bathroom vanity shop near you. Depending on the design of the plumbing system of your entire house, you may have to conduct extensive remodeling work. For instance, wall-mounted vanities may require a lot of plumbing work, while floor-mounted vanities may not require you to move the plumbing extensively. As such, the plumbing will influence the design of the bathroom vanities you can install in your bathroom. Knowing in advance, the extent of the plumbing work required will enable you to select the cabinets and vanities that will complement your bathroom's plumbing system.

4. Go For the Bathroom Vanities That Enhance Your Bathroom's Design Aesthetics

With the many styles, colors, and finishes of bathroom cabinets available, you can pick the vanities that complement the overall design of your bathroom. You can go with a traditional style, a contemporary style, a sleek style, or a rustic style. Additionally, you can get custom-made vanities that reflect your unique style. Besides boosting your bathroom's aesthetics, your cabinets and vanities should facilitate easy movement within your bathroom. How and where you place your bathroom furniture is also a major determinant. You should install your bathroom cabinets in a strategic place that doesn't inhibit the flow of traffic. Consider your bathroom's door swing so that your cabinets don't obstruct the door from fully opening.

You'll find experienced designers in the top bathroom vanity shops that will guide you when selecting your bathroom furniture. You don't want to buy bathroom vanities that may not fit in your bathroom space. Instead, you want your vanities to give you more storage space for all of your bathroom supplies. It's important to consider your bathroom space, plumbing, and the overall design of your bathroom when purchasing your bathroom furniture from bathroom vanity shops. When you select the right size, style, and shape of bathroom vanities, you'll have an easier time grooming and cleaning up alongside a well-arranged bathroom.

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