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How a Great Mirrored Bathroom Vanity Can Elevate Your Bathroom

How a Great Mirrored Bathroom Vanity Can Elevate Your Bathroom

Most homeowners tend to spend between $5,000 and $10,000 when renovating their homes. A large part of that budget goes to bathroom renovations. Bathrooms are a very important part of homes, and mirrors in those bathrooms make a huge difference. Mirrors may seem like a smaller aspect of bathrooms, but they can elevate the entire room. While you may feel the need to renovate your bathroom to make it larger or more functional, a mirror may be able to do that for you. Here are a few different ways a mirror can elevate your bathroom space.


While mirrors can be a beautiful accessory to your bathroom, they can also serve a functional purpose as storage. A mirrored bathroom vanity with hidden storage is a sleek way of hiding all of your bathroom necessities without letting the overall space get cluttered. These mirrors work beautifully as hidden bathroom cabinets and are especially perfect for bathrooms that don’t have a lot of space. It’s possible to customize a mirrored bathroom vanity with storage to your needs and make sure it fits whatever products you need to store in it.

Improves The Lighting

A perfect way to add or improve the lighting in a bathroom is through mirrors. This is especially great for a bathroom with no windows in it. Mirrors can improve the lighting in a bathroom by reflecting the light throughout the room, making the space seem brighter and bigger than it is. Having mirrors improve the lighting of your bathroom is perfect for a bathroom with a darker wall color as well. A large mirrored bathroom vanity would reflect light beautifully in a bathroom, or a couple of smaller mirrors depending on your preference.

Enhances The Style

There are so many different types and styles of mirrored bathroom vanities. They’re a great functional decoration that can enhance the style you already have for your bathroom. With a sleek minimal mirror, it adds a more modern feel to a bathroom. Whereas a mirror with gold trim may add a more luxurious or grand feel to a bathroom. While also enhancing the style of the bathroom, additional mirrors can be added to serve as decor. Mirrors are a great replacement for artwork and can make the bathroom space feel larger while also enhancing the style of the bathroom.

Makes The Space Seem Larger

As previously mentioned, mirrors are a great way to make bathrooms seem larger than they are. With a well-placed mirrored bathroom vanity, a small bathroom won’t seem small to anyone standing in it. Whenever a mirror is placed over a sink or vanity, it makes the bathroom area seem expanded. The space is also expanded by the light reflecting off of the mirror. Especially when a mirror is placed in front of a light, this makes the bathroom appear to be brighter and larger.

Cover A Wall

If you have a large wall in your bathroom and are unsure of what to do with it, a mirror is a great option. Mirrors covering the wall not only expand the bathroom space, but it’s also a minimal and chic way of decorating a wall. That walled mirror can hide anything behind the wall as well, reducing the overall clutter in the bathroom.

A well-placed mirrored bathroom vanity has many ways that it can enhance the overall space of the bathroom. Mirrors are a great decoration for bathrooms that have several different functionalities. They have the ability to change the entire vibe of a bathroom without undergoing heavy renovations.

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