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What Your Bathroom Design Says About Your Home

What Your Bathroom Design Says About Your Home

Designing your bathroom can be daunting. You need the place to be highly functional and aesthetically pleasing as well. From faucet to flush plate, to the color palette and complete designs, you need to put a lot of thought into your bathroom design and what it will possibly say about you. Americans have spent $7,560 on their home improvements according to Comfy Living, so keep reading to learn what each bathroom design says about your home.


The shiny, stylish modern look of stainless steel is perfect for any bathroom setting. Your bathroom accessories that are made of steel will continue to look super clean and bright if you manage to look after them properly. This will make your bathroom quite hygienic. Your guests will definitely be impressed by your steel toiletry holders and stylish towel rails. Steel makes you come across as a mindful personality that sees the home as a retreat from the outside world. It makes your home a cozy place that is both warm and harmonious.

Hard Graphite

Looking for a cutting-edge urban style? Hard graphite might just be what you want. You can either get shiny hard graphite finishes or brushed ones. Each finish is quite versatile, and you can pair it with a variety of materials. For instance, you can throw in some white marble and pure white bathroom fittings to get a contrasting look. You can also blend it in with concrete or light wood tones. Graphite generally gives people the feeling that you are the timeless type that loves tradition, generally viewing your home as a place to display your roots.

Classic Chrome Bathroom Design

Chrome has been used in traditional bathroom design for a while. Thanks to its understated elegance, it can execute a renowned timeless design. If you are looking to capture the beauty of periodic bathrooms, classic chrome would be a great idea. With the right guidance and inspiration, you can create wondrous traditional bathroom designs with chrome. But what does it say about you? Well, chrome gives off the impression that you are a minimalist who values smart solutions. It also makes you seem like you like things that are easier and more efficient. This is because it allows you to create a bathroom that's as simple as possible.

When picking a bathroom design, it's important to consider the message the design you pick will likely convey. Get in touch with Galeria Stores today if you're looking for an awesome bathroom design that represents your personality well.

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