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Time For a Renovation? Try A Bathroom Cabinet Store In Palm Beach

Time For a Renovation? Try A Bathroom Cabinet Store In Palm Beach

There is one key principle to interior design: every room has a focal point. This pertains to every room in the house, even the bathroom. It may be something that you hadn't thought of before, but your bathroom does have a focal point, and most likely that focal point is your vanity. You can visit a bathroom cabinet store in Palm Beach, bathroom vanity stores in Miami, or in Chicago for that matter -- and you will see what a difference bathroom cabinets can make. These bathroom cabinet styles are all affordable and can give your bathroom a new twist without breaking your budget.

Farmhouse Style

If you are looking for a rustic style, the farmhouse style of the bathroom cabinet will probably be ideal for you. The soothing, warm look of a wooden vanity appeals to the senses and creates an instant feeling of relaxation.

Vintage Style

The vintage style is not to be confused with garage sale clutter. On the contrary, for the vintage-style bathroom cabinet, it's all about the angles, hardware, and color choices. Retro colors such as harvest gold, tangerine, and lime green will automatically take us back in time to the 1960s and 1970s, for example. Knobs and hinges made from darkened hardware also create the impression of vintage pieces.

Open Shelving

One great style of bathroom vanity is the open shelving style of the bathroom cabinet. With wide open shelves on either side underneath the vanity countertop, this style of bathroom cabinet actually functions as a piece of bathroom furniture. This type of cabinet is also available with drawers as well as shelves.

Double Vanity

Isn't it true that there is never enough room in the bathroom? Well, that matter can be addressed with the investment of a double vanity. This style of bathroom cabinet uses space economically. And, interestingly, it is not always more expensive. Another creative design feature of this type of bathroom cabinet is that the area under the countertop is often left open. This provides an opportunity to display hardware and piping, which are elements that can create visual interest, texture, and movement.

Contemporary Style

Nothing says "luxury" like the sleek, modern look of a contemporary bathroom. A mirrored bathroom vanity topped with a fabulous wall mirror would create the ultimate impression of opulence and sophistication. Visit a bathroom cabinet store in Palm Beach or your closest city and you will find them available all without breaking the bank, too.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

An interesting alternative to the traditional bathroom vanity would be wall-mounted cabinets. Here is a style that serves not two, but three fantastic purposes. First of all, it provides extra storage. Secondly, it frees up floor space, which is particularly helpful if the bathroom is a compact size. And third, it creates visual interest on the walls. Wall-mounted cabinets that can also be painted with artistic designs, replicating wall-mounted artwork, can be found in a bathroom cabinet store in Palm Beach or a city near you.

A bathroom remodel is an instant pick-me-up. However, it can also be very expensive if you're not careful. In 2018, for instance, home improvements cost most homeowners between $5000 and $10,000. One very effective and very economical way to achieve a dramatic bathroom makeover is to refresh the vanity. It can be done on a limited budget -- or on a budget where the sky is the limit. Yes, paint, tiles, countertops, caulk and grout, and light fixtures – all of these aspects of a project can contribute to a spiffy remodeling of your bathroom, too. However, if you're looking for a project that is quick, easy, and affordable, stop in at a bathroom cabinet store in Palm Beach, Boston, Los Angeles, or online. Wherever you live, you will be able to find the look you love at a price you can afford.

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