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4 Unique Storage Ideas for Your James Martin Vanity

4 Unique Storage Ideas for Your James Martin Vanity

One thing that a bathroom always seems to need more of is storage space, and with a number of design options from James Martin vanity, you can meet your storage needs while keeping your bathroom stylish.

Need some inspiration? Check out four unique and functional storage ideas for your James Martin vanity.

Open Shelving

With 29.5% of homeowners choosing a contemporary design aesthetic for their bathrooms, open shelving has become a huge trend in bathroom remodeling. Many homeowners appreciate the light and modern appearance of open shelving, in addition to the functionality of choosing this option.

Often, open shelving appears under a sink, but there are many other ways you can style open shelves. If you have a smaller bathroom with a mirrored bathroom vanity, consider placing the sink to one side with closed door storage under the sink and open shelving on the other side. This is a great way to add visual interest with impressive symmetry.

Specially Shaped Shallow Drawers

If you prefer to keep your bathroom items behind closed doors, you could opt for shaped shallow drawers. These types of drawers are crafted specifically to avoid the sink and piping, so you have more usable space in your drawers. The drawers may have a notch cut out of them, or there may be a small upper tier and larger lower tier, allowing them to slide easily into place without disrupting the piping.

Thin Drawers

Installing thin drawers with your James Martin vanity is a great way to blend modern convenience with traditional elegance. Thin drawers, typically no larger than five inches, are a great way to add storage while working around a sink. Additionally, while adding a few thin drawers may be a larger cost than one or two deeper drawers, the organizational benefits are greater than the cost. Thin drawers are perfect for storing smaller items like cotton pads, razors, toothpaste, skincare, and more.

Vertical Pull Outs

Vertical pull outs for kitchens has become a trendy way to add extra storage, and the same can be done with a bathroom cabinet and vanity. Often, in small to average-sized bathrooms, there will be slivers of space on either side of the sink, and a vertical pull out can be a great and modern way to store items.

When you are looking for ways to update your bathroom and increase its storage capacity, James Martin vanities are an incredible option. Enhance functionality by adopting other shelving or cabinet additions, and make your dream bathroom a reality.

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